Friday 4 Fiji

Friday 4 Fiji

Greenstone Group is rallying to raise funds for the people of Fiji, which is trying to recover from Cyclone Winston.

But we thought our fundraising idea was so good we’d like to share it! So we are challenging you to do the same.

Fiji has been decimated by Cyclone Winston, the most devastating tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere. It has taken over 40 lives and affected over 350,000 people. There are still over 50,000 people in hundreds of evacuation centres.

“When I was young living with my family in Fiji we got hit by Hurricane Bebe. We lost the roof off our house and everything in it. The loss in Fiji is very real – they need help and they need it now.” States Phil Eaton the Managing Director of Greenstone Group.

On Friday 11 March our team will be having a “Friday 4 Fiji” day. The day we bring as much or as little of Fiji to our place of work. Think how much would you donate for Loud Shirt Day?  Now add a hat, a sarong, jandals. Why not even pimp your desk. Have fun with it! And for the privilege of doing so you can then donate to this very justifiable cause.

Donations can be either individual or gathered through your company and donated through the GiveALittle page we have set up.

To donate:

Give A Little

For more information:

Friday 4 Fiji

The following Monday we will post pictures of our office day….we are sure some of the outfits will be innovative and others thoroughly amusing!

From all of us at the Greenstone Group.