Boxing News

Property Council Corporate Clash 2016

Graeme Sharp dares to enter the ring.

We sat down and interviewed Graeme Sharp who has bravely entered the Property Council Corporate Clash in April this year.  This is something a bit different for him.  Graeme admits that he has never done something like this before.

“Prior to this my “boxing” experience was limited to boarding school bouts with cricket gloves.  The odd scuffle on the footy field…There is so much to consider when it comes to stepping in the ring; footwork, combinations, offence and defense. You might think you know the ropes.  Until you step into the ring.”

“How grueling is the training?”

I have been carrying a good level of base fitness, so I am not finding it uncomfortable, but its good hard training. It will be picking up over the next 10 weeks and I will be throwing in some additional training each week. It’s the only area you can really take ownership of and put in the hard yards – there are other guys getting additional training on the side so it’s necessary really. I do have a new found respect for the sport in general.


“Most concerned about…”

Not making a fool of myself in front of 500 people…controlling the nerves and adrenaline will be pumping I’m sure.

“Most excited about…”

Seeing how I stack up come fight night and how much I’ve actually learnt/progressed.

“Is there a song that motivates you to get in the ring?”

There is a particular song from back home with an African theme to it – which will hopefully be played on fight night…(don’t worry it’s not from the Lion King).