Sunny Tutlani

Sunny Tutlani joins Greenstone Group


1.  Who are you, and what’s your position at Greenstone Group?

Sunny Tutlani.  I was born and brought up in the capital city Delhi in India. I studied civil engineering in one of the renowned universities in Asia. I worked for few years in India before moving to New Zealand to Christchurch.

I enjoyed my time at the University of Canterbury and completed my Master’s degree there. I enjoy reading, playing cricket, tennis, billiards and chess. I enjoy mathematics and was actively involved in teaching mathematics to poor school children as an initiative by a Trust.

I am presently working on setting up an online portal connecting people interested in assisting poor children in their career goals for a community service in India through online sessions.  I am working as a Project Manager in Greenstone Group. Prior to this, I was working as a Quantity Surveyor.

2.  What made you want to work with us?

When I was at the University, I heard about Greenstone from my Lecturer. Since then I started following the company through LinkedIn and was looking for an opportunity for a very long time.

I studied Construction Management to pursue my career in the project management and I consider Greenstone to be one of the best companies to work for in the project management consultancy. The diversity in the projects, the supportive culture and the growing prospects in the group made me highly motivated to be the part of this group.

3.  What are you most excited to achieve here?

I am most excited to see the growth and opportunities in the company.

It feels great to see the collaborative working environment between different offices of Greenstone that makes a great team. With having started my career in New Zealand recently, I am lucky to have this opportunity in which I could conquer the heights of success with having a platform for the great knowledge and experience available in Greenstone.

4.  What was your journey like to get you where you are?

Talking about my journey in New Zealand, it has been challenging and exciting so far. As mentioned earlier, my goal has always been to work in the project management and to reach to this position I have worked hard and with full determination.

I met many people during research studies at the University. I had put in a lot of efforts while preparing my researches and that eventually helped me in getting an internship and part time job in Fletchers while I was a student. And one thing led to another, I was always getting recognition and support from the people I worked with and after working with few companies in different cities, I am in the role in which I always wanted to be.

5.  Who in your life inspires you?

My brother inspires me in my life.

He has always helped me and supported me in my big career decisions. I have seen him working always hard and with diligence, reaching a peak in his success, with being highly responsible for his family. Since I was a kid, I have learnt a lot from him and still I take advice from him.

6.  What is a great business that no one has conquered?

Risk Management in any industry is a great business that no one has conquered. Technology and systems are continuously changing and it is difficult to cope up with risks in such a dynamic and innovative environment nowadays. The resources must be put in the risk management to get good results.

7.  What do you know is true that no one else agrees on?

I believe that everything happens for a reason and if you look back in your life journey connecting dots in the past, a pattern is always formed which is very interesting to see.

8.  What is something that you love and take great pleasure in, but most people don’t like?

I love doing adventure activities such as; Bungy jumping, skydiving, and water sports. I like taking risks!

9.  If you could throw a parade party of any theme here in the office, what type would it be?

‘Games Theme’ party. This is an interesting way of developing teamwork and group work in an entertaining way. Also, I am somewhat crazy at participating in all sorts of games.

10.  What are you best known for?

I am best known for my multi-tasking skills that has always helped me in focusing on each and every aspect of the task simultaneously.

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