Our business is all about change

We use real people and smart processes to drive successful outcomes. Our philosophy is to create environments, where teams excel and projects thrive. We are leaders of change, trusted property and project advisors

Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group provides project management and property advisory services for the property and construction sector. 

We offer comprehensive services to enhance your project every step of the way. Good ideas are easy to come by, turning them into reality is a different story.

The role we perform is tailored to suit client and project requirements. You can involve us directly in all levels of your project, or we can be retained to act for more discreet elements of your project. However, we strongly recommend that you discuss your project with us as early as possible so we can bring our considerable experience to help you set up your project for success.

Our sophisticated cost and feasibility management systems, combined with our ITR framework and the drive of our people, means our skills can be applied to projects ranging in value from $1M to $300M across a broad range of industry sectors.

We have a 20 year track record of projects covering a wide range of industries. Visit our Projects Page to see our latest case studies and learn how we added value each step of the way.

If you’re still not sure how we can help you then please get in touch. We are happy to have a no obligation chat about your project and see how we can help you.

Our difference

Our difference

The property and construction industries in New Zealand are dynamic and the goalposts are always changing. That’s why we’ve developed Ideas | Transformation | Reality - ITR.

ITR is a robust Project Management framework that provides our highly skilled and experienced team a consistent methodology for success. 

It is a dynamic process that clearly outlines our objectives from the initial stages, showing how Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group can enhance your project through development and construction, to a clear goal for your project once it becomes a reality. 

ITR breathes confidence into your project, giving all stakeholders a clear plan to success. 

Get in contact today to see how our processes can work for you.

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Social Responsibility

At Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group we support our industry and community through a commitment to economic development and enhancing social and environmental conditions within our reach. 

NZGBC member

Our carbon footprint is relatively low due to the nature of our business. There are however areas where we can make conscious decisions to lower our output, work in a sustainable way and encourage green alternatives. These areas include:

  • Utilising low emission pool vehicles and car sharing facilities such as Uber to attend meetings. Having a fleet of individual vehicles means a lot of downtime and increased vehicles on NZ roads. Our pool car system means we have fewer cars on the road and can also choose a type of vehicle that is more economic to run.
  • Online Billing and Reporting. The nature of our business is very document heavy so we have incorporated systems that allow us to provide our service entirely paper free.
  • We have an active recycling policy within all of our offices.
  • Greenstone is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). The NZGBC is is a non-profit membership organisation that promotes better buildings, meaning healthier, happier people.

Saying however, isn’t doing. Where possible we encourage our clients to choose green building solutions and sustainable products. Greenstar is the international rating system of best practice, however there are a lot of other steps you can take to lower your projects carbon footprint. An example of these solutions in action are outlined below. To learn more about what solutions and alternatives are available please get in contact with our team.

Our commitment to economic development is expressed through our support of local charities in our regions where we work and play. These endeavors change regularly based on those most in need. For up to date details please visit our latest news page.

Diversity & Inclusion

For Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group, diversity & inclusion means feeling comfortable and included by your peers, no matter your gender, ethnicity or theological outlook.

Greenstone team attending Women In Property Event 2019

Greenstone team attending Women In Property Event 2019

Its primarily about respect. Respecting traditions, respecting boundaries and ensuring opportunities are open to all. We work across a wide range of dynamic industries and interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. We demand that our staff are always respectful of the clients we work with, but we also require the same level of respect in return for our staff.

Our internal HR policies reflect this and ensure that our company values are adhered to and top of mind. Our company values are:

  • Integrity - We have built and maintained a strong culture of integrity recognised through our dedication to maintain an ethical outlook in all our dealings.
  • Inclusive and open - All our action is based in conversation. We keep each other, and our clients, informed by working together in a transparent manner to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Successful sustainable partnerships - We value mutually successful, sustainable, professional and personal relationships.
  • Professional and Results focused - We use our expertise to deliver projects for clients that are as economically advantageous as they are professionally sound.
  • Passion - We are passionate about property, the built environment and delivering inspired results for our clients.

The benefits of our diverse range of staff mean we can converse in a range of languages including; English, Te Reo, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, Dutch, Hindi and Bahasa Melayu. With this comes the cultural understanding of working with different cultures and ethnicities.

If Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group sounds like the kind of place you would like to work then please visit our Careers page for available opportunities.