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Alfred Nathan House

Alfred Nathan House


Alfred Nathan Hous is a four storey heritage building built in 1882 and part of the University of Auckland.  The vision for this project was to revitalise Alfred Nathan House and restore the heritage building to its original configuration. The top floor of the building was added later in the buildings life and needed to be completely removed and replaced with a high quality, more sympathetic design.  We knew this would require seismically upgrading the building while maintaining the historic richness of the original features.


The Alfred Nathan House project included complex restoration, comprehensive seismic strengthening, redevelopment, and extension of a multi-level, heritage listed building. Our stakeholder management was key to this project, as the site is located between the Universities library and the offices of the Universities most senior management team. The project also commenced during the critical student exam period.

Once completed, the modification to the building undertaken since the 1960’s has been removed and the building sympathetically redeveloped to suit modern needs and requirements. Greenstone Group were proactive in engaging with Council, the heritage consultants and the contractor to ensure multiple measures were put in place to protect the heritage elements during construction.


Our team’s wide range of skills provided an experienced base for the complex project, ensuring suitable construction methods, design strategies and implementing strong project management practices.  This was a complex project and utilised multiple methods of seismic strengthening and a number of innovative mechanical ventilation solutions to protect and preserve the heritage elements and character of the building.


  • 2018 New Zealand Institute of Architects Heritage Award
  • Critically Acclaimed for Heritage Restoration