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Full steam ahead or time to test the waters with a project WOF?

While one of life’s great constants is change; change in itself doesn’t immediately equate to a negative effect. Don’t worry, this isn’t where we tell you to ‘pivot’. What we will say, however, is in the property market there is a direct correlation between change and risk management, or at least there should be if you’re trying to make the proverbial lemonade. Despite the current challenges, we would consider property to be a comparatively lucky sector in the post-Covid climate. That being said, we have seen unprecedented changes to the factors that traditionally influence our market and we face significant uncertainty in the months and years ahead. The fact that so few expert commentators are willing to try to predict market trends should be a cue to all that it’s simply smart business to recognise the situation we find ourselves in and take the necessary steps to reassess the risks and reset. At Greenstone, we are actively recommending to our clients/or doing, Project Warrant of Fitness’s. Greenstone Group focuses on items like feasibilities, contracts, procurement strategies and project structures as a matter of course. All are linked and play their part toward the whole. What we are finding in most instances is that material changes to pre-covid arrangements do exist and need to be managed to counter negative effects and support positive outcomes. We have encountered some defensiveness towards WOFs and peer reviews. We do accept the common sentiment that it is easier to critique than it is to create,…

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