Meet Jess Robilliard

We sat down with Jess in Wellington, to get to know her better.

1. Who are you, and what’s your position at Greenstone Group?

I’m Jess and I’ve just started as a Project Manager in the Wellington office.

2. What made you want to work with us?
Through initial research, it was obvious that Greenstone valued not only its clients but also its employees. Greenstone’s values really stuck out to me, and the opportunity to be able to work on exciting projects, with great people was definitely a plus.

3. What are you most excited to achieve here?
I’m excited to deliver great projects, meet new people, and also have fun!

4. What was your journey like to get you where you are?
After finishing high school in Wellington, I enrolled at Victoria University to study Building Science. I have always been interested in architecture and the construction industry (most likely thanks to my family!) although I hadn’t made my mind up in which direction I wanted to go.

Thankfully the all-nighters paid off and after 3 years I graduated with a degree in Building Science, double majoring in both Project Management and Sustainable Engineering Systems.

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work in both the public and private sector.  I’ve been given amazing opportunities and challenges in the workplace.

5. Who in your life inspires you?
As cliché as it is, it would have to be my parents and close friends. My mum seems to always reassure me that, “no problem is too big in life that it can’t be fixed” (although she’s yet to put her woollen clothes in the hot dryer…!).

6. What is a great business that no one has conquered?
Sustainable, purpose-built tiny homes on tiny sections in Wellington.

The thought of housing 10+ people on an average-sized Wellington residential section (that isn’t on the side of a cliff) could be an answer to the housing shortage!

7. What do you know is true that no one else agrees on?

Vegemite over marmite….. and Diet Coke over Normal Coke!!!!

8. What is something that you love and take great pleasure in, but most people don’t like?

As gruesome as it sounds – crime documentaries …the more mysterious the better! You will generally find me getting ready in the morning listening to a crime podcast or watching a murder documentary (I’ve mastered multitasking!).

9. If you could throw a party of any theme here in the office, what type would it be?

*Googles Ideas* … Beach themed party, taking the entire office to the Bahamas, for a 4-week cruise…all expenses paid…

(or) a Cocktail competition.

10. What are you best known for?
Excessive online shopping, mastering the parallel park and buying something because “it was a good deal” (not because I needed it – oops!).