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Unitary Plan Roller-Coaster

Greenstone Group

Auckland’s Property Council branch chairman and Greenstone Group Managing Director Phil Eaton says councillors who have slammed plans for intensifying swathes of Auckland are politicking. “Let’s be absolutely clear about this. The councillors who have withdrawn their support to rezone and upzone suburbs to allow for more houses have done so at the expense of Aucklanders, because they want to come back after the local body elections. “Local politicians must ditch their ‘not in my election year’ mentality and do what is right by all Aucklanders, not just some.” To read the full article, visit the New Zealand Herald.  Or listen to Phil's radio discussion here:   [audio mp3=""][/audio]   On NBR he stated that scaremongering by local politicians has residents believing their suburbs will be covered in high-rise apartments, when realistically less than 6% of suburbs will have apartments with more than three storeys: up just 1% from the previous version of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP). This raised various comments on social media as well as blogs such as Interest. When the unitary plan was first released in 2013 the council’s original intensification plans were watered down after a vociferous public outcry. Some councillors believe city planners bided their time knowing they could make out-of-scope submissions without too much change at the last minute, bringing intensification back up to the original levels. The independent panel’s final unitary plan report will be put before the council in July and councillors can only reject or accept it. There is…

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