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Founding Greenstone Group Director Retires

Kevin Cox was one of the founding directors of the Greenstone Group property consultancy. He has many years experience within the commercial property industry as both a Project Director and as a property developer himself within New Zealand and abroad. Kevin has recently championed the Education team at Greenstone, however his experience within the commercial property industry is vast and covers all sectors particularly multistorey residential and retail. Here from the man himself answering the questions below. Read more here. How did you get into the property industry? How important was your background in Project Management and co-founder, John Abel-Pattinson’s background in Development Management in giving Greenstone a full service offering and a balanced outlook? What projects have stood out to you in your career, in terms of challenges and/or highlights? You started developing property projects of your own, tell us about that. What’s next for you? What have you enjoyed most about the Greenstone team.

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