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Greg Gudsell joins Greenstone Group

Our project management team continues to grow. A big welcome to Greg Gudsell! Let’s get to know him a little better. 1. Who are you, and what’s your position at Greenstone Group? Who am I: Waikato Boy, Carpenter by trade, Beautiful wife and two kids. Position: Project Manager 2. What made you want to work with us? To gain a true understanding of Project Management from conception to completion. 3. What are you most excited to achieve here? Same as above but I also want to work on influential projects within the Waikato region. Projects that provide some benefit to our community. 4. What was your journey like to get you where you are? Great, loved completing my apprenticeship and still love carpentry. A fair few rugby injuries along the way and some studying to boot! A strong believer in - there is only one way forward, and that is through hard work. 5. Who in your life inspires you? My parents, their work ethic, generosity and family values. 6. What is a great business that no one has conquered? Buildable Architecture. 7. What do you know is true that no one else agrees on? The best time to hunt deer is at midday. 8. What is something that you love and take great pleasure in, but most people don’t like? Spending time in the bush with only a pack, rifle and fly! 9. If you could throw a party of any theme here in the office, what type would it…

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