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Kawarau Falls Station

Kawarau Falls Station


Queenstown is synonymous with luxury, fun-filled times and high-end products. It is a place that is home to many 5-star hotels that provide the facilities expected by domestic and international visitors alike. Kawarau Falls Station’s 178 room 5-star hotel is no different. In 2010 Greenstone Group’s expertise was called on to salvage a behind-schedule and over-budget project when the developer went into receivership. Receivers KordaMentha appointed Greenstone to provide expert Project Management services to complete the Kawarau Falls Station project for a scheduled October 2010 opening.

This was set to be a challenging and multifaceted project, with the ultimate goal of providing Queenstown’s booming tourism market with an impressive complex. The 178 room, 5-star hotel complex also housed a luxury spa, conference centre, signature restaurant and other associated high-end facilities. Fortunately, Greenstone’s experience and knowledge provided the power to steer this project back on track, ultimately delivering an undoubtedly impressive package.


From the outset Greenstone Group faced and conquered numerous obstacles. At the time Greenstone Group was appointed, the development required considerable design management and value engineering exercises to bring the project back on track to meeting the October 2010 deadline. Greenstone Group also ensured robust controls were in place to mitigate the funders’ risk exposure.

In order to get the development on target for a successful completion, Greenstone strategically and effectively resolved design and contractual issues that pre-dated our involvement. This involved managing the re-appointment of the project team under revised scopes of service. We added considerable value to the project with successful navigation through these difficult areas.


Greenstone Group’s business acumen enabled them to proactively manage the funders’ risk in regards to cost, project programming and quality. This was achieved through the establishment of new project control systems that ensured a 5-star product was released to the thriving tourism hub of Queenstown. Greenstone cleared up the muddy waters they inherited with this project by facilitating a workable structure and processes that took the project to completion by October 2010.

The luxury enjoyed by patrons of 5-star hotels such as this one provides guests with a sense of complete relaxation and calm. The grit and effort displayed by Greenstone in overcoming various challenges from the outset of this project certainly paid off and are unknowingly appreciated by the visitors to Kawarau Falls Station.