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Macquarie Office Fitout

Macquarie Office Fitout

On behalf of the Macquarie team, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the whole team on delivering a great project – it is much appreciated, particularly considering the challenges that 2020 presented.

Rachael, Macquarie Group


Macquarie Group are a global financial services organisation operating in 31 markets. In the Auckland office, they operate two separate divisions that work in opposing areas of the share market. These groups cannot interact during their daily tasks and require secure workspace away from each other to ensure work is confidential. Macquarie needed a new office that reflected their global identity but also provided these separate private sections that block sound and visibility, whilst also being an enjoyable environment to work in. This meant soundproof meeting rooms, secure working areas for sensitive documentation and spaces where competing clients are separated for privacy.


Greenstone came on board as the first consultant for the project and assisted in procuring all the specialist contractors utilising our network and experience with high quality fit out requirements. Greenstone managed the design phases, consenting and tender process to ensure the right outcome for the client. The early stages of the project are where Greenstone add our most value through managing complex teams and ensuring specific requirements are built into the design and functionality of the project. 

Macquarie have a very structured business with various stakeholders and specific processes to follow. This required a high level of consistent reporting tailored to the client’s requirements but allowed Macquarie to have confidence in the project throughout the process.

During the office fit out we encountered level 4 lockdown which meant we had to manage the final parts of the design and consenting remotely to complete the tendering process. This had a dramatic consequence on the building landlord and their contractor in completing the base buildings construction, which in turn delayed the start of our fit out by 3 months. Once the fit out could begin we faced challenges in material deliveries to the 12th floor due to the necessary booking of goods lifts as there were a number of fit outs happening in the building simultaneously, all trying to complete their works under the same conditions. The added COVID alert level changes back and forth in Auckland also put pressure on contractors who had to jump in and out of various social distancing, health and safety requirements. Greenstone mitigated long lead procurement time risks by identifying key items that needed to be procured early and engaged the client to order these during the design process.

Greenstone added great value to the project by advising the client and the design team to apply for an exemption rather than a building consent, saving the project at least 6 weeks of time and over ten thousand in council fees. In doing an exemption we also removed the requirement for any council inspection, both which helped to reduce the overall programme for a project already suffering unavoidable delays.

In addition to the Macquarie fit out Greenstone also Project Managed the floors intertenancy walls and lobby for the base build client, Precinct Properties. This was run alongside the fit out and ensured the same quality and aesthetics were present in the floor's lobby as the Macquarie office.


The overall fit out was a great success and achieved the quality of a modern day office whilst also incorporating the heavy privacy and security measures required by the client, all within an aesthetically pleasing environment. The client was incredibly grateful to Greenstone Group for initiating the exemption route, being the only fit out that has been done under an exemption.