Asset Recovery

Greenstone Group can provide a range of innovative solutions to assist key project stakeholders when a project is not realising the best possible results.

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive maximum value through managing and ultimately minimising risk.

Greenstone Group’s integration of expertise in development and project management gives us the insight to foresee all of the critical issues involved in a project in its entirety, and make the necessary recommendations to maximise stakeholder value.

We can cover construction and project delivery risks such as time, cost quality and code compliance as well as development risks such as funding, title management, sales and leasing management and settlements.

Greenstone Group offers the following services for your project:

  • Independent, professional advice
  • Ongoing project management to see projects through to completion
  • Project and programme audits
  • Project organisational structure, monitoring and reporting procedures
  • Advice on project procurement options and forms of contract
  • Management of consents, compliance and titling matters
  • Settlement management

The success of Greenstone Group in these pressing roles can be attributed to our specialist skills, breadth of experience and a proactive approach to solving problems.

Contact Shane Davis with any asset recovery enquiries.

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