Development Management

Greenstone Group oversees your development project from the very beginning. As development managers we will advise and coordinate the optimal development strategy to align with market demand and stakeholder objectives. By providing project leadership and leveraging our specialist resources and experience, we focus and commit to delivering the optimal return on our client’s investment.

Our role is to represent the project owner and maximise development value. Our service is customised to our client’s value measures to ensure the stakeholder and project objectives are aligned.

Development management is an all-encompassing role, which shapes the outcomes of a property project. It provides a masterplanning framework for delivering clients’ property initiatives. Clients also have the opportunity to select certain development management functions for Greenstone Group to complete.

Key development management functions include:

  • Site assessment
  • Bulk and location masterplanning and feasibility analysis – ensure the project meets pre-development objectives of sales and leasing
  • Marketing and sales programme management
  • Lease and sales negotiation and management of real estate agents
  • Presentations to key stakeholders
  • Financing, arranging partnerships
  • Resource consent management
  • Town planning and proposed title management
  • Managing architectural and design professionals
  • Management of finance drawdown process
  • Completion of sales and leases
  • Independent project auditor or client representative

Our expertise can be applied to projects ranging in value and across an extensive array of industry sectors.

Through effective relationships with a range of finance providers and an understanding of mortgage funding, Greenstone Group can assist in securing first or second mortgage funding. Our relationships with equity and joint venture partners mean we can facilitate progressing projects at a stage where traditional funders cannot. Crucially, we are also able to structure our requests for funding in a format that provides banks and financiers confidence in our ability to highlight the key financial elements of any project.

The development management division also offers leasing management, tenant fit-out management, owner representation, resource consent management, asset recovery, project audits and reviews and settlement management functions.

To ensure your project strategy is the right one and aligned with key stakeholder objectives, contact Phil Eaton.

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