Owner Representation

Greenstone Group can provide project leadership by utilising a senior development director and/or a project director to assist a project owner.

We provide the owner with independent and professional strategic advice and represent the interests of the owner at all stages, in all respects.

This role requires a thorough understanding of the drive and objectives of the owner, as well as the ability to clearly see the critical issues and act decisively. As such, our directors are highly experienced and skilled at steering projects towards the best possible result.

We can offer expertise on the following owner representation services:

  • Independent, professional and strategic advice
  • Providing overall project leadership
  • Advising on organisational structure, monitoring and reporting procedures for the project as a whole
  • Advising with regard to contractual claims/dispute resolution
  • Participating in project briefings and setting objectives
  • Procurement advice and guidance on contractual matters
  • Project team consultants, contractors and suppliers team selection
  • Attending key design, project control group, and board meetings where required
  • Establishing communication lines and reporting procedures with all parties
  • Providing project leadership with regard to budget control, cash flow, contingency expenditure and general financial matters
  • Progress vs. project objectives reporting
  • Consulting with stakeholders, user groups and authorities
  • Representing the owner through the duration of the project

Contact Phil Eaton with enquiries regarding owner representation.

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