Resource Consent

Delays in the resource consent process will have a number of impacts on a property project. Delays cause the need for additional finance, potential loss of tenants or purchasers, exposure to inflationary effects on construction and other key costs. Ultimately this impacts the overall financial returns for the owner.

Greenstone Group has a great deal of experience managing the resource consent process for a number of clients. Our role is to manage the consultant team to achieve the desired result for our client. We can recommend and manage a wide range of consent types, from non-notified through to full environment court applications.

Utilising Greenstone Group’s resource consent management services is a simple way to handle the process and ultimately save time and money. We communicate daily throughout the consent process and manage the consultant team to deliver the best consent result.

We take a lead role so that the consent application best fits the aspirations and risk profile of our clients. We manage the process from inception, through pre-application and design, to council assessment and conclusion.

With our advice regarding alternate consent processes we can highlight efficiencies for the project and alleviate risk. We are able to negotiate key terms with Council (and affected neighbours and parties) ahead of time, splitting applications into multiple stages in addition to other cost and time saving strategies.

Greenstone Group can provide our clients with programmes, cash flows and budgets for the consent process.

Some of the services involved in our resource consent management role include:

  • Applications to local and regional councils
  • Resource planners
  • Architects and designers
  • Landscape designers
  • Urban designers
  • Traffic and parking assessments and Transit NZ issues
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Other consultations relevant to the project

To find out more about resource consent management contact Phil Eaton.

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