Project Management

Project Management

Our leadership and expertise will ensure your property project moves smoothly from conception through to reality. 


Property or Construction Project Management is where an experienced person takes your project through its varying stages of change. It covers the full life cycle of a project including: planning and consenting, budget and risk management, procurement, quality control, construction management and project close out.

So why do I need one?

Project Managers use their skills and experience to effectively manage the project team thus ensuring your project risks are managed and value is added. Our role is to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction with your best interest at heart. We think of this relationship as a partnership. Our Project Managers work as your change agent. They relay the projects ongoing status back on a regular basis and alert you to any issues that may arise. A key benefit of our experienced team is many of these issues can be mitigated before they happen.

You get the best value from a project manager by bringing them in early to your project. You may even like to consider one of our Property Advisors. Bringing Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group in early allows us to test your preferred outcomes and risk appetite which assist us to structure the project accordingly.

At Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group we have the necessary discipline, clearly defined processes and strategic management to provide the security and confidence you and your stakeholders need. There are underlying project principles such as clearly defined functions, disciplines, teamwork and management processes that need to be applied to every project. We use our Project Execution Plan (PEP) documented at the setup stage of a project to determine how to best meet the project’s specific requirements and tailor our standard procedures and documents to suit.

The core value we add is to setup and manage the project in a manner which ensures the objectives are understood and met with the minimum amount of risk and unforeseen issues. This way you can be assured of a final product that is fit for purpose.

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Tenancy Fit-out | Coordination

Tenancy fit-out is perhaps the most time consuming, detailed and important part of a retail or commercial project. There can be a wide range of stakeholders with varying degrees of investment and ‘must haves’ within a project. It can be a complicated balancing act to ensure everyone’s needs are meet and cohesion is achieved. We provide full hands on project management of a tenant’s fit-out, be it retail, office or commercial, including all furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) supply if required.

Tenancy coordination involves ensuring that the expectation of the fit-out aligns with the reality of what is possible within the base build and occupancy restrictions. To preserve value in a multi-tenanted project, the design elements of the various fit-outs must come together to present a cohesive and integrated whole. Through our coordination service we establish a process that results in tenants managing their works with a strict adherence to planning and quality.

Greenstone Group has successfully managed fit-out and tenancy coordination over a wide range of projects, helping clients to extract the best outcome from their space as possible. Get in contact today if you need help with your fit-out or tenancy co-ordination project.

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Procuring the right Architect, Contractor and Sub Trades can really make or break a project. Just because you’ve lined up the best builder in the market, doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best team. There can be a big difference between the A team you were promised and the C team that is the reality. Even then you could still end up with a contractor that builds in straight lines, but an architect who only draws in circles.

Greenstone Group can provide a procurement strategy that takes into account any consultants that may already be on board, or procure on your behalf for the full team. We will develop a Project Plan that highlights the positive and negative outcomes of the procurement options, and recommend the most advantageous solution moving forward. Key to the selection of the successful contractor will be the integration of constraints identified by the project team and stakeholders, with a view to minimising any potential impact to the project, or the neighbouring properties and businesses.

With our 20 years in the design and construction industry Greenstone has come across pretty much everyone there is to know. We have extensive experience in all commonly used forms of construction procurement and know where the best fit will be for your project team. As independent advisors, we can provide an impartial procurement process for your project that keeps everyone honest and puts your project first.

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Seismic Strengthening

The skillset required to strengthen a building to a seismic rating is unique and requires a depth of expertise in managing a wide range of projects. Often the buildings in question have been severely damaged or are heritage buildings with a historical factor requiring rigorous consenting. These such projects can be difficult to manage as typically the level of damage or extent of strengthening required is unknown until the project is well underway. This can lead to increased budget blowouts or extensive works that may not be possible in the surrounding location.

Greenstone Group has the skill and considerable experience assisting building owners in earthquake strengthening of existing buildings. This service can include feasibility studies to determine the cost-benefit of strengthening and the level to which strengthening will increase the value of your building. We can also Project Manage your seismic upgrade to manage the design and build process to minimise disruption for existing occupants if needed.

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Programme Management

At Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group the programme is not just a mechanism to record what is happening with the project, we use it proactively to manage the project team and all the interrelated tasks that make up the entire development. 

A programme provides an overview of the projects key tasks and duration. It can often have multiple tasks occurring concurrently to maximise the development time frame. With so many tasks happening at one time its imperative that an experienced manager is overseeing the development. 

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Project Audits and Reviews

Colliers Project Leaders | Greenstone Group can improve your project through our project auditing and review services. We can be contracted for specific roles in relation to the project or in a top-level audit role of procedures and processes.

In addition, if our client undertakes any functions in-house Greenstone Group is able to monitor those on behalf of the client or third parties.

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Design Management

Beautifully designed buildings can really make a difference to a community and a business’s reputation. But often form and function can be left behind in the process, especially when the glossy new renders overshadow the fact that each apartment may only have 1 square metre of wardrobe space. At Greenstone Group we have a team of Project Managers experienced in managing the design process to ensure it is functional and fit for purpose.

To achieve a great design that is also suited to the built environment, we take an approach where the inputs and outputs from design, compliance, procurement and construction are intergrated to de-risk the process and project. The end result is a product that is well thought through, coordinated, free from significant unknown risks, constructible and meets the end users requirements.

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Property Advisory

Property development and investment is like a game of chess. It’s not enough to know what the pieces do. You need an intimate understanding of the game, an arsenal of strategy and the confidence to pivot and best position yourself for the win while all the parts are still moving. We provide this experience and confidence for clients across all asset classes.