Christchurch Boys’ High School



The Former Christchurch Boys High School (CBHS) Hall was significantly damaged during the 2010-2012 Canterbury Earthquakes and as a result needed to be demolished.  This presented the opportunity to design and rebuild a modern assembly hall space to cater for whole school gatherings and addresses taking advantage of modern construction techniques and integrate new technologies.

The idea was to free up a construction platform and build a new 1500 capacity hall that catered for school assemblies with an increased demand for flexibility and functionality.

The site was very constrained and the Hall needed to be built onto the existing Main Block at the school (Category 1 Heritage Listing, completed in 1926).



Prior to Greenstone Group’s involvement, there were a number of separate smaller projects underway in isolation of one another, the first thing that Greenstone Group actioned was to bring all these into one Programme of Work and address any touch points and appropriately manage risks.

All works had to happen whilst the school remained operational. Major work likely to cause major disruption to student learning was scheduled during term break and the summer break. We prepared for and worked very closely with the contractor, school staff, and Hazard Co to plan the construction site and safe access pathways around the school from the outset and managed the works for the duration of the contract.

In order to minimise the time the school would be without the Hall, the design timeframe was compressed and management effort was stretched to concurrently obtain consents and issue work packages to the contractor with no/minimal overlap.

As part of the MoE Christchurch Schools Rebuild (CSR) Programme, our pathway was fairly well established and we had a panel of contractors eager to tender the construction works.  As detailed designs and consents were not obtained in full there were a number of likely variation decisions to investigate and agree on post contract.

Greenstone Group added value to the development through the integration of the Energy Centre Project with this Hall Project (which had previously been distinctly separate projects).  This created a cost-saving whilst bringing forward enabling works for future development at the school.

Our ability to accept a high proportion of client and design-driven changes during the construction process was paramount to the success of this project.  This agility and willingness to support a fast-changing programme environment was well received and appreciated by the client and stakeholders.


The vision has been brought to life and is receiving positive feedback.  Although highly used by the school, there has been a vast take up of external organisations also hiring the hall for a range of events, further justifying the building’s flexibility.

The MoE, school and new design team expressed a great gratitude for the way in which we future proofed the school and site for future stages of redevelopment for the school.

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