Glenside Terraces 150 Symonds Street



The vision for this project was to remediate and reclad an existing 33 unit townhouse development.

Strategically, we wanted to refocus the project to get it back on track; after the incumbent Project Manager and Engineer to the Contract were terminated.


After being suspended for 6 months this project required restructuring and for the new project team to work together in a more collaborative way to overcome obstacles previously encountered on the project under previous management.

Acting on behalf of the client as Project Manager and Engineer to the Contract, Greenstone’s initial focus has been on developing and implementing a new project delivery plan.

This involved reviewing the project structure and performance of those involved, and then bringing together resources that were able to deliver design documentation without delaying the project programme, and better manage the costs of the project.

Our extensive experience on multi-residential and remediation/reclad projects allowed Greenstone to understand the complexities involved and manage the restructured project team in such a way as to enable the project to move forward productively and provide more surety around the time and cost outcomes.

Taking on the design management aspect of the project as well, Greenstone were able to prioritise delivery of design documentation without further delay to the project.


Through our project leadership and proven strategies to manage the programme, stakeholders and the contractor team, Greenstone delivered the project in a way that ensured that the programme duration was minimised and overall project costs were mitigated.