MoE Building Improvements Programme

Auckland, New Zealand

In 2009 the Ministry of Education developed a Building Improvement Programme (BIP) to address weathertightness failure in school buildings as part of the School Property Strategic Plan.

Greenstone Group is a preferred supplier for this programme, and has worked with the Ministry of Education on a number of the BIP projects. Depending on the severity of the weathertightness issues, some of these projects are already completed, while others are in the process of rebuild or repair.

The biggest challenge of this project is to enable schools to continue operating through the construction period. To achieve this Greenstone Group developed a complex strategy of refurbishment, decanting, demolition and construction.

The overarching goal of the BIP is to provide safe and healthy learning environments for teachers and students that are also modern and innovative. As part of this, Greenstone Group was engaged to project manage the delivery of buildings across multiple school sites including clusters of four campuses.

Greenstone Group has also been contracted separately to deliver a new administration block, staffroom, IT unit and library for Kereru Park Campus and a replacement hall and administration buildings at Clayton Park School. Throughout these projects Greenstone Group worked closely with the Ministry of Education, the board of trustees and the design teams to deliver spaces tailored specifically for the school. The results are fresh, colourful and contemporary buildings.

Image courtesy of Stephenson & Turner.