QBE Centre

Auckland, New Zealand


125 Queen Street is an original, Category 1 Heritage Listed façade dating back to the 1840s and was redeveloped into a 28 storey tower in the 1980s.

The vision for 125 Queen St was to rejuvenate the building, creating a state of the art refit, keeping the iconic façade.

We weren’t engaged at the beginning of this project. Our client got through the design process and began construction with another project manager. Early on in the construction process, things started going awry.

When brought on to the project it was in disarray. Our clients had the vision to turn this building into a true Auckland landmark but lacked the time and specialist knowledge to bring many of these ideas to life.


Strategically, we opened up the lines of communication between contractors, consultants, and clients and move everyone forward toward the same goal.

Greenstone Group put together the Tenancy Fit-out Manual to ensure that the tenants would maintain the high standard of presentation expected throughout the building. We also created a show floor on level 5 to give new and prospective tenants an idea of the standard required and some of the possibilities open to them when fitting out their space.

The complexity of working on Queen Street meant that logistics and traffic management were a vital part of our role.

The Heritage Listed façade required a specialist mason to bring it up to the original standard required by our clients as well as being supervised and signed off with Heritage NZ and Auckland Council.

Winton Partners’ plans for the building also included the installation of the largest outdoor LED screen in NZ.

Despite the red tape required we managed to keep the cost of this process to half a million dollars. The lobby area of the building would set the tone for the rest of the building. We ensured that it was finished with the finest materials, including imported Italian marble, to bring the grandeur back.


After a rocky start with their previous project management team, we gained the trust of our client and allowed them to step back from the detail they were mired in.

Walking into the lobby of 125 Queen St instantly gives the intended impression. The heritage part of the building has been beautifully restored and the lobby gives the first impression our developers always intended.

You are in one of Auckland’s premium commercial buildings.

The restoration and refurbishment of the building was completed in January 2017. We’ve successfully integrated retail, hospitality, and commercial into the same space. ASB, a pharmacy and a café were all secured as ground floor tenants before the reopening of the building.

Since then over 50% of the remaining space has been leased and we continue working with Winton Partners and their tenants, managing their show floor and fit outs to ensure the high standard of presentation is achieved as the remaining floors fill up. 11 tenants have been secured for the high-end destination food court and resource consents have also been supplied for childcare and gym facilities.

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