Originally this site was the headquarters of concrete construction giant Winstone Group built in the 1970s.

The vision for the SKHY project was to create a beautiful collection of apartments and buildings with an enduring sense of quality and character.  We knew that an important component of this project was to re-purposing the existing building and achieve a high level of design.

Greenstone Group came onboard during the tender phase of this project.  Strategically we provided advice in relation to structure and set-up for the tender period and managed the tender through to appoint of the contractor.



Some key challenges for this project were processing the consent and managing the contractor programme.

We proactively mitigated risks for the project and provided support and oversight for the design consultants. Our team liaised with the council and managed key stakeholder relationships.

We also coordinated site-wide services, such as transformer and fibre installation.

Key learnings from this project were to constantly stay attuned to activity occurring on site to ensure risk is mitigated for our client.



A key outcome of this project was the minimised risk for our client and design team throughout the project. We maintained a positive relationship with the contractor throughout the project and look forward to working with them again.

This landmark 1970s building showcasing the state-of-the-art concrete technology of its time has been transformed from tired offices into sustainable city-living apartments.

The upper levels are being transformed into loft-like apartments. The lower levels will comprise residents’ entry, parking, storage facilities and revamped commercial spaces. The redevelopment includes replacing the adjacent low-rise commercial and retail buildings on the Khyber Pass frontage with two new commercial buildings linked to the tower via a public green space.

We have a fantastic relationship with our client and have been signed on to Stage 2 for this project.

Skhy apartments sold within three months of entry onto the property market.  The Architect, Pip Cheshire, says:

“I think what makes this most different from other developments is that it is designed to be part of the urban fabric of the city, not an enclosed gated community.  It’s that idea of creating a total environment rather than some discrete building that’s just plopped on a site in the city looking out at everything.”

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