St Kevin’s Arcade



St Kevin’s Arcade had been the heart of the K’Road community for decades but with a plethora of stores fading almost as quickly as the second-hand clothes in their front windows, the arcade was in a desperate need of a refresh.

The idea was to convert the rear of the heritage arcade into a food & beverage destination that appealed to a wider range of people than the existing clientele. Our aim was to help the owners create a light modern space while retaining the unique style and heritage St Kevin’s Arcade was renowned for.

Strategically, we wanted to keep the arcade open for the duration of the restoration so the owner could retain the rental income for the duration of the project. From the outset, we were prepared for a careful balance of council liaison, tenancy and contractor management.


Being a Heritage Building, we worked closely with heritage consultants and Auckland Council to secure the Change of Use resource consent needed to bring this vision to life. Once consent had been secured, our team began managing the physical restoration.

This project included structural earthquake considerations and guidance, managing a full replacement of floor tiling to the entire arcade during work hours, supporting the management of retail and F&B tenancies and the coordination of a comprehensive services upgrade.

This project has gone a long way to strengthening our relationship with the Heritage team at Auckland Council. Our project team has deepened their knowledge of work on both Heritage Buildings and the seismic strengthening requirements of the new legislation.


With no onsite parking and difficult site access in one of Central Auckland’s busiest streets, we still managed to keep the arcade open and fully operational for the ten months of renovation.

The project ticked all of the boxes as an investment and strategy for the vendor. The response from new and existing tenants and the public has been overwhelmingly positive. Consideration should be observed with regard to the contribution to the community and overall economic underwriting for the K’ Road precinct.

We have a great relationship with The Icon Group who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to enhance existing buildings with an eye towards acquiring and improving character properties.

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