Property Advisory

Property Advisory

Property development is a major commitment.

It takes experience, knowledge and dedication. Not to mention a heavy financial and time investment. 

Our Property Advisory service is derived from our specialist property and financial disciplines amongst our experienced team. Our purpose is to provide clients with considered advice and structures to best position them for success. This can be broken down into analysis, strategy and execution.


Property development and investment has the allure of opportunity, however it involves inherent complexity and risk. The Greenstone approach is simple, every client has different drivers, experience and required outcomes. Therefore the level of services provided and strategies engaged should be tailored. We will analyse and review your requirements so that you benefit from our extensive experience.

Property development and investment is like a game of chess. It’s not enough to know what the pieces do. You need an intimate understanding of the game and an arsenal of strategies. We have demonstrable experience that can provide you with the confidence needed across all asset classes.

Proportionately greater risk and value resides in the front end of development and investment propositions. We advocate for the early engagement in a project to maximise value opportunity and identify and mitigate risks. We encourage an appropriate commitment of time is built into these early phases of an execution plan.

We are excited that we operate in a market that has perpetual change and opportunity. This can however be an environment where the inexperienced or overstretched come unstuck. We know the angles, have the connections and have recognised capability as managers of risk and change. Our talented team are passionate about what they do and are here to help you.

Project Management

Property or Construction Project Management is the process in which a team of experienced people lead your project through its varying stages of change. From planning and consenting to budget and risk management, right through procurement and quality control to construction management and finally, project completion.