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Redhill School


Just like the tamariki who utilise their buildings every day, school sites themselves are required to constantly evolve in order to provide relevant and fit-for-purpose spaces for learning to occur. The students of Papakura’s Redhill School are fortunate to now be enjoying the fruits of this extensive project. Greenstone Group were brought on board by the Ministry of Education’s New Schools Team to project manage Redhill School’s journey with the demolition of the then existing school and the rebuilding of a new campus that met the Ministry of Education’s criteria for Modern Learning Environments.

Greenstone’s expertise and experience were called on to manage a two-step process. The first stage of this process was to procure and manage a suitably qualified design team to develop an appropriate master plan for the reconstruction of the campus, with the plan needing to highlight any and all potential project constraints. Secondly, we were charged with procuring the design team to develop the masterplan into a fully detailed design and subsequently manage the design procurement and construction of the project.


While a two-step process may sound simple, it did, in fact, require Greenstone Group to simultaneously project manage many areas of responsibilities, which can be broken into two sections, people management and compliance management. In terms of people management, Greenstone oversaw the procurement of the design team; client liaison, interface and stakeholder management; contract administration and management as well as project strategies, leadership and programme management. In relation to compliance management, Greenstone’s expertise was put to use in overseeing the master plan development and the subsequent development of project execution and delivery plan; design management, which included the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s Modern Learning Environment requirements; weather tightness peer review process management; budget and cost management; value management and engineering as well as frequent project reporting. Greenstone’s knowledge and experience with managing similar complex projects came to the fore and showed in our proactive and thorough leadership approach.

Even the most meticulous planning cannot ensure a project runs without challenges to conquer along the way. Redhill School’s journey was no different. We worked tirelessly to identify the myriad environmental, physical, design and operational constraints surrounding the project and factored these into the overall master plan. Careful management of people and social issues were also required to ensure this project was a success. Greenstone Group effectively collaborated with stakeholders to ensure sensitive operational issues around the decile level and social issues within the local demographic were considered and appropriately addressed, where possible, within the design.


Greenstone’s thoroughness paid off as we were able to conquer these potential obstacles to deliver an impressive finished product in December 2014. The proactive identification of all possible constraints early in the development of the detailed master plan ensured a quality and robust design process with no hidden cost implications occurring later in the piece.  This truly proves the old adage that 'To be prepared is half the victory.'

Our experience and behind the scenes work has ensured the next generation of tamariki through Redhill School will be learning in well-equipped and modern facilities, providing many opportunities to arm these young people with the tools to also be successful in their chosen fields in the future.