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Richmond Stage 3A


Richmond is a brownfields site located in Mt Wellington and was previously home to a quarry and agriculture business. The multi-stage development aims to create a community of approx. 600 homes. Greenstone provided Project Advisory in the early stages to help identify the next stage for development. Stage 3A encompasses 66 units within 14 blocks of terraced townhouses arrayed around a central pocket park in the western boundary of the site. Stage 3A has a mixture of two, three and four bedroom terraced townhouses with the majority including internal garaging. The aim of stage 3A was to build on the momentum generated from previous stages, utilising the lessons learned from design, construction and marketing to create a third feature to the overall Richmond community.  Through engagement with the key consultants Stage 3A was identified as well as overcoming challenging geo-technical obstacles within the greater development allowing for a simpler construction process in future stages.


With the drive from the client to continue into the next stage of development quickly the choice was made to continue with the same design and construction team from the previous stage. As Greenstone was not involved in previous stages this added some challenges in developing and growing the team towards the new goal of Stage 3A. As the client was looking for continued improvement, the Greenstone team had to not only build new relationships with each of the project team but get them all working toward an improved product for the next stage. Greenstone generated a framework in collaboration with the project team enabling a constructive review and feedback process throughout the design. This allowed us to facilitate a design, programme and cost structure which aligned the project drivers. This framework also allowed the effective engagement of the Contractor for the project within the clients risk profile.

Greenstone continuously provided clear and concise communication of the project’s status, risks and developments throughout the project. This allowed the client to make effective decisions when required. With the expertise of the build partner – Capri - involved from the start of design, we effectively managed the large variety of ideas and design improvements which they presented for the project. We were required to extract those which proved of great value to the project while not disrupting the compressed design programme. This effective management allowed the project to greatly reduce the risk for delays or cost increase as the project progressed into construction. 

Greenstone was actively involved in the resource consent management for the project. As this stage is part of a greater development this has meant a number of changes needed to be made mid construction to de-risk and allow the client to complete the best product possible. Throughout the planning and design of Richmond it was important to step-back and look at the overall picture. This allowed the project to split the completion of 14 blocks into four tranches simplifying both project timelines and settlements.


By creating a collaborative and clear development pathway for both the client and project team, Stage 3A has created a platform from which future stages can be developed and an understanding of drivers from all parties. With Greenstone Groups effective management of the design process and contractor procurement the client were able to start construction 4 months early. The overall Richmond development has 500-600 homes to be constructed. Following Greenstone’s strong performance on Stage 3A we are positioned well to assist the client in delivering the future stages and we are currently working on Richmond Stage 4.