The Foundation Programme

Published 24 May 2022

Working in an industry as complex and ever changing as construction requires years of training. There are so many facets of the industry and technicalities that a university degree will only touch on briefly, and predominantly only in a theoretical situation. When new recruits join the workforce, it can be a daunting change from the classroom to the project team. The newly minted Project Managers are required to step up and often learn on the job as they go. It is of course something that is seen in every occupation for those entering full time work for the first time. It's not a fake it until you make it type situation, it's more a keep up or get left behind.  

Project Managers in Training

At Greenstone Group we don't want anyone to be left behind. We bet on our people. They are what make us so successful in the property development and construction industry. To ensure that each one of our new recruits are getting the dedicated training and support they need as they stretch their newly acquired wings, we provide a targeted training strategy. Greenstone Group’s Training Strategy is a 3-stage professional development programme designed to provide our Project Managers with a clear pathway to professional competency and progression in their roles and in the business. It breeds confidence within our staff and a clear direction for their careers.  

Stage 1 of the programme, The Foundation Programme, is an internal programme comprising 14 Core Competency Modules that participants complete with the support of dedicated mentors and assessors within the company. The programme focuses on developing core knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviours needed by a Project Manager to be confident and efficient in their role.  

Recently, our Foundation Programme participants got together with their mentors for a Health and Safety training session presented by our H&S Advisor (Matt Jones), a site visit to one of our projects, and of course lunch. Welcome to our new Foundation Programme participants; Caitlin Bonnar, Callum Walsh, James Kidd, Alo Duffy, Janey Hanna, Jamin Ahn, Dillon Kelliher, Frankie Crawford, and a big thank you to our mentors; Todd Jones, Andrew Bowden, Jonathan Albery and Mark Smith,  

Stay tuned for further updates on the programme and progress of the team.