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We have found that with their management systems and approach to the construction process Greenstone is able to get the best out of project teams. Through a tight design and construction period, which involved dealing with a number of complex requirements, Greenstone provided strong leadership and ensured cost effective outcomes were achieved.

Leonard, Foster Construction


The Torpedo7 Distribution Centre was constructed to accommodate the growth of online retailers Torpedo7 and 1-day, who were previously operating out of five fully-stocked warehouses and processing more than two million outgoing orders annually.


Throughout the project, careful consideration was given to the entire lifespan of the building, ensuring flexibility for future tenants and likely market considerations. Clearspan and open structure as well as design for racking had to be considered in the decision making process. Other complex decisions regarding column layouts included considering both capital efficiencies now, and legacy issues that may arise in the future. All of these questions had to be weighed and solved by Greenstone Group. A value add solution was designed into the building to allow it to be partitioned internally in the future, if required.

Because the building is located within the Titanium Park subdivision, this project was complex and multi-faceted. Greenstone Group faced a number of challenges in its completion. Mitigating the potential effects of placing the distribution centre in a semi-rural area was the primary urban design consideration. Computer modelled shadow diagrams were created to demonstrate shading effects, building placement was adjusted around State Highway 21, and a 2.5m-high fully-landscaped bund was constructed to provide screening from the road.

A maximum height limit of 12m and additional airport object limitation restrictions have also been adhered to. By liaising closely with clients and stakeholders, Greenstone Group has met these challenges and carried the project to completion.


Greenstone Group accomplished everything necessary to ensure this project was completed on time, and under budget. This included providing client liaison and interface services, managing stakeholders and resource consent applications, developing project concepts and plans, contract management and acting as Engineer to the Contract.