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Waterview School


The Ministry of Education (MoE) identified Waterview Primary School as requiring wholesale campus redevelopment, as a result of the New Zealand Transport Association’s (NZTA) construction of the new Waterview Tunnel Northern Exit, and significant projected role growth identified by MoE demographic studies. The MoE needed a holistic and innovative approach to detailing the new environmental conditions faced by the school with the construction of the new motorway. Greenstone Group was engaged by the MoE to provide Project Management Services to undertake the school’s major development plan, design, contract management, and Engineer to Contract role for the new school facility – catering for more than 220 pupils and with a Master Plan for further projected growth.


Strategically, we wanted to develop a Master Plan and manage the design stages to ensure the solution would fit with our client’s vision. This involved developing a Project Plan to undertake the strategies identified in the Master Plan. We also wanted to ensure that design and cost management was carefully balanced to ensure it would be fit for purpose and meet our client’s budget. We had to identify the numerous environmental, design and operational constraints due to the construction of the Waterview tunnel.

Our team had to develop strategies to deliver the project while maintaining school operations and used temporary classrooms to do this. This involved complex stakeholder management of the community, NZTA, and the school/ MoE. Our team implemented the design and contract management to provide an innovative solution and overcome the environmental challenges imposed upon the site. This ensured a safe and healthy environment for the school’s students, staff, and the wider community.


This project showcases our ability to manage key stakeholders, in the education sector to ensure the best outcome for our client. It illustrates our capability to carry out master-planning for a school, while complying with strict deadlines, even with environmental challenges. We had to demonstrate innovation in our approach and delivery of this project which was expected from the very beginning and our team understood that this would be a new hub of learning for the wider Waterview community and its children.

Waterview School has been designed, built, and delivered within budget, to provide a durable and enduring solution to the Ministry of Education’s needs in delivering high quality, modern learning spaces. The finished school illustrates our client’s investment in the wider Waterview community and its growing educational needs, in a robust solution that will continue to serve for many years to come.